Integrative Therapeutics Rebrand & Launch Campaign
Confidence is Healthy.
Integrative Therapeutics develops and manufactures vitamins and supplements to help medical professionals and their patients manage “invisible illnesses” such as diabetes, arthritis and Crohn’s disease—conditions that wreak havoc on millions of Americans, many of whom search endlessly for answers and support but rarely find either.
No brand has told their story before. That was the real challenge: finding an authentic way to reveal their struggles and also say “We hear you and we’ve got your back.” After crowdsourcing many real stories, we partnered with Integrative to deliver an anthem that rallies around the everyday battles and courageous choices of these warriors. 
This anthem video plays on the rebel spirit of the "invisible illness warrior," fighting a daily battle for self-driven care in a world that bombards them with gimmicky advice and mixed messages. Showing the journey of one such determined warrior, video acts as an emotional rally cry for heroes on the path to wellness.
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Agency: SRH
Team: Kurt Ravenwood (Video & Creative Director) Sam Hogerton (Creative Director), Chris Beanan (Art Director), Betty Strigens  (Copywriter), Adam Nelson (Graphic Designer), Mauricio Alvarez (Video Editor)

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