Physicians' Elemental Diet
You're not alone.
In lieu of a new brand design for Integrative Therapeutics, their child brand, Physicians’ Elemental Diet also needed an upgrade. Previously only available through a practitioner, this was the first time that Physicians' Elemental Diet would be publicly marketed to consumers. A full website redesign and development as well as Direct-to-Consumer campaign was created to match the clinical quality of the product.

The Direct-to-Consumer campaign revolved around a number of challenges that needed to be solved. These people have often seen doctors, but are not satisfied with their results. The amount of negative sentiment associated with the products and methods used in the early part of their journey indicates that people are struggling to find solutions for their gastrointestinal issues.
Approximately half of these individuals are seeking advice and solutions from social media and other sources on the internet.  We created a campaign to specifically tackle each of these challenges through the platforms they are seeking answers from.
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Additional Credits
Agency: SRH
Team: Kurt Ravenwood (Video & Creative Director), Sam Hogerton (Creative Director), Betty Strigens  (Copywriter), Adam Nelson (Graphic Designer), Mauricio Alvarez (Video Editor)

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